We combine traditional brokerage services AND integrate those products directly into a robust benefits administration solution.  No other company provides a FULL SERVICE offering where product, administration and compliance can be managed through one relationship.  Use our expertise to lighten the load for your company by applying technology solutions that automate workflow.

COBRA Administration– full outsourcing of COBRA along with the integration of cobra event reporting.

  • Full Compliance Reporting and Tracking
  • HIPAA Certificates
  • ARRA Subsidy Integration
  • Payment and Reporting Transparency

Benefits Administration–Robust administration tools allow you to lean on system alerts, enrollment workflow and carrier communication solutions to ensure your investment in benefits is managed properly.

  • Employee Compensation Statements
  • Life Change Management
  • Self Service Enrollment
  • Plan Usage Metrics

Insurance and 401(K) Products– We are equipped with the best products from the most reputable carriers. Our staff brings a new standard to product delivery.

  • Insurance Carrier Integration
  • Money and Data movement on behalf of our clients
  • Best in class products and brokerage services


Our web-based system simplifies the payroll process, making it easy to get the details of payroll entered and processed.  Flexible and accessible describe our web-based payroll entry solution allowing you to get your employees paid quickly so you can get back to doing what your company does best. Whether you have 5 employees or 5000, we have the flexibility to fit your needs.

Real Application Integration – Don’t look at payroll processing in a bubble.  Employees, managers and human resources all play roles in what ultimately impacts payroll.  We integrate all functions to ensure the most efficient payroll process.

  • Time and Attendance Integration
  • Benefits Administration integration with voluntary payroll deductions
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service workflow with email alerts
  • Cross company reporting for true labor cost analysis

Instant Preview Processing –You have instant access to processed payroll data PRIOR to submitting it to us for processing.  This gives you the peace of mind knowing when you are done, you are done – no issues when payroll is delivered to you the next day!

  • Detailed Exception Reporting for potential errors in your payroll
  • Instant liability reporting for funding requirements
  • Gross to net views of payroll data for pre-submit analysis

Tax Filing and Credit Processing–Tax administration is made easy with our full tax administration service.  We debit, pay and report all appropriate data on your behalf ensuring compliance and allowing you peace of mind.  Netchex is a registered IRS e-filer and a certified SSA W2 printer.

  • Electronic Remittance and Reporting
  • Quarterly Online tax statements
  • W2 Preview
  • Year-end W2 processing
  • ARRA Subsidy and Federal New Hire Tax Credit Reporting

Flexible Pay Options–You have choices when if comes to paying your associates.  Whether you have staff located remotely, seasonal workers, part-time or salaried associates, we provide pay options that meet their needs and make administration easy for you.

  • Unlimited Direct Deposit accounts per employee
  • Live check origination
  • Check Reconciliation solutions
  • Pay Voucher views through Self Service

Time & Attendance

With web-based access, decision-making regarding labor costs and scheduling is quick and easy.  Our time and attendance features provide flexible collection options as well as dashboard management of alerts to ensure your employee’s work time is managed effectively.

Multiple collection options – Employers can implement a variety of collection options based upon their staff’s access to the web, their pay policies and their company’s strategy for collection and time management.

  • Web based punch with IP Restriction capabilities
  • Timesheet entry for salaried staff
  • Ethernet badge and biometric devices

Scheduling and Labor Cost Management – Incorporate a schedule for management of attendance, control of punch activity and forecasting of labor costs.  Scheduling can be demand driven allowing you to configure labor rules based upon your company’s true needs.

  • Alerts for unscheduled work
  • Points system for adverse punch activity
  • Scheduling visibility in the self service portal
  • Schedule vs. Actual Reporting

Time approval and Payroll Integration – Managers can review, edit and approve employee punches to remove the bottleneck of work at the payroll administrative level.  Clear reporting on actions and approvals make closing out a pay period easy.

  • Employee and Manager approval functions
  • Client directed movement of hours and earnings from time and attendance directly into payroll
  • Audit history on manager actions

HR Services

Technology solutions integrated with service allows you to ensure the life cycle of each employee is tracked accurately and in full compliance with both your policies and the various agencies you report to.

Human Resources is integrated with payroll and flexible enough to be accessible by managers and employees.  It allows you full control on what and how you track critical data on each employee.  You can track, manage and report critical data relevant to your company and its employees.  With dashboard reminders, key reports and employee self service you can run your human resource department efficiently.

Employee Life Cycle Management – Control and account for key actions with employees.  Dashboard reminders of actions allow you to stay in control and integrate personnel data into one system.

  • Performance Reviews
  • License Tracking
  • Job History
  • Salary Metrics
  • Emergency Contact
  • Termination processing

Accrual Management – System level management of company policies that integrate the awarding of hours down to the employee payroll check.  Workflow for time off requests through employee self service allows efficient management of a critical benefit to your associates.

  • Unlimited Policy Management
  • Accrual preview reporting prior to payroll submission
  • Negative hours alerts
  • Time off request workflow

Compliance and Communication – Ensure that you have the needed data on file to stay in compliance and allow employees access to ensure it is accurate.   With flexible options to store, attach and report critical data, you can eliminate multiple systems to manage your human resource data.

  • EEO Reporting
  • Attachments
  • I-9 and Citizenship management
  • Workers compensation management
  • License/Certification management

Support Center – Lean on us to ensure you have access to the proper forms, policies and laws for compliance and best practices.  Our integrated Helpdesk gives you access to content and HR Specialists to support your company/employee relationship.

  • Hand Book Customization
  • Forms and Policy Library – Job Description, Performance Reviews, Non-competes, etc.
  • E-Alerts for Federal and State laws changes
  • "Ask the Pro" with HR On-demand


Our goal is for you to have choices in how you manage and ultimately look at your data.  First, we provide a wide array of pre-built reports in flexible formats segmented by topic for easy look-up and review.  Additionally, we have an ad-hoc reporting tool that is EASY to use but powerful in reach.  Analytics has never been this fun.

Clear views from all levels of your organization – Whether you are the CFO or a new employee paid for the first time, we have the report you need.  And we make it easy to find and even easier to understand with clean, formatted reports that are categorized by easy to understand topics.

  • Segmented Reports by Topic – Payroll, Human Resource, Benefits and Time and Labor
  • Output options for flexible viewing – PDF or excel versions of all pre-built reporting
  • Format and Date Range Flexibility
  • Secure Reporting based on system access level

Ad-Hoc Made Easy –You need to create custom reports but you don’t want to pull your hair out trying.  You have all the power to deliver custom results with little frustration!

  • Easy to build with Point and click options on any field in the database
  • Store and save report formats for routine runs
  • Direct Export to excel for more detailed analysis
  • Expansive filters and sorting options to create custom results

Real Time – Really – We provide real-time results no matter where you are in the application.

  • Instant Payroll Preview Reports with gross to net results, expansive exception alerts, and liability amounts
  • Time and Attendance updates with to the minute labor costs, schedule adherence and overtime alerts
  • Summary Reports of real-time compliance alerts
  • Benefit Enrollment and activity reports as actions are taken by employees or managers

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent five organizations which offer fifty-three products in your area. Plan availability is based on the county in which you reside. Please contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.