HR Services

Technology solutions integrated with service allows you to ensure the life cycle of each employee is tracked accurately and in full compliance with both your policies and the various agencies you report to.

Human Resources is integrated with payroll and flexible enough to be accessible by managers and employees.  It allows you full control on what and how you track critical data on each employee.  You can track, manage and report critical data relevant to your company and its employees.  With dashboard reminders, key reports and employee self service you can run your human resource department efficiently.

Employee Life Cycle Management – Control and account for key actions with employees.  Dashboard reminders of actions allow you to stay in control and integrate personnel data into one system.

  • Performance Reviews
  • License Tracking
  • Job History
  • Salary Metrics
  • Emergency Contact
  • Termination processing

Accrual Management – System level management of company policies that integrate the awarding of hours down to the employee payroll check.  Workflow for time off requests through employee self service allows efficient management of a critical benefit to your associates.

  • Unlimited Policy Management
  • Accrual preview reporting prior to payroll submission
  • Negative hours alerts
  • Time off request workflow

Compliance and Communication – Ensure that you have the needed data on file to stay in compliance and allow employees access to ensure it is accurate.   With flexible options to store, attach and report critical data, you can eliminate multiple systems to manage your human resource data.

  • EEO Reporting
  • Attachments
  • I-9 and Citizenship management
  • Workers compensation management
  • License/Certification management

Support Center – Lean on us to ensure you have access to the proper forms, policies and laws for compliance and best practices.  Our integrated Helpdesk gives you access to content and HR Specialists to support your company/employee relationship.

  • Hand Book Customization
  • Forms and Policy Library – Job Description, Performance Reviews, Non-competes, etc.
  • E-Alerts for Federal and State laws changes
  • "Ask the Pro" with HR On-demand

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent five organizations which offer fifty-three products in your area. Plan availability is based on the county in which you reside. Please contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.